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To receive the download links for the most recent LigandScout version please register for an evaluation license.

You can also contact us directly:


A setup assistant is provided for Windows. Simply double-click on the .exe file and the assistant will guide you through the installation process.

Afterward, click on the LigandScout icon (at the location selected during the installation process) to start the application.


The Linux version comes as a tar.gz archive. First it is required to unpack this archive.

To do this on the command-line, go to the directory containing the archive, then type

tar -xzvf LigandScout_*_linux64_*.tar.gz

After unpacking, you can already switch into the generated folder and start LigandScout

cd ligandscout4

Note that you do not need admin rights to install and run LigandScout on Linux.


Similar to Windows, a setup assistant is provided for macOS.

Start installing LigandScout by right-clicking on the provided .dmg file. Then, click Open and confirm your intention on the following warning dialog. LigandScout will guide you through the remaining installation procedure.

License Activation

Upon the startup of LigandScout, you will be prompted for your serial number, which was shipped together with your LigandScout program package. You will then need to activate your copy of LigandScout, which requires an established Internet connection. In some cases, a security firewall may require offline activation. Please follow the guided instructions if LigandScout prompts you for offline activation. This activation procedure needs to be executed only once. You may use your copy of LigandScout at your convenience during the entire license period.

An alternative way of activating LigandScout is to create a simple text file containing your serial number in your LigandScout installation directory. The text file must be named serial and must not contain anything else than your serial number. This procedure is especially helpful when working with the LigandScout command-line tools. Upon the first start of the software, the actual license file will be generated automatically. However, once again an internet connection is required.

System Requirements

  • Intel i5 processor or equivalent, at least 2GB of RAM per core (min 4GB)
  • One of the following 64bit operating systems:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • macOS or MacOS X
  • Hardware-accelerated 3D graphics card (NVIDIA recommended)